This European country showed the world a model for a beach in the conditions of COVID-19

Bulgaria – a small country in Eastern Europe showed the world a beach that can proudly be considered as a model in the conditions of COVID-19. In the holiday village “Albena” they arranged the umbrellas by thread and announced that they would provide 25 square meters for an umbrella with two sunbeds.

The distance between the umbrellas in the resort, as we have already announced, will be 7 meters. The bird’s eye view is worthy of a master brush painting and is a real delight for the eyes of any holidaymaker.

The purpose of the resort is to offer its tourists to safely enjoy their vacation! The beach in Albena is 2.5 km long. It has a wide strip, with fine sand and shallow sea. The beach has the reputation of being one of the safest in Europe, thanks to a professional team of lifeguards.

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